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I FINALLY found an enchanters table

Finally found one of those suckers!

Located in Strongmont!

took me long enough

Personally, I think the thing that’s most frustrating is also something I can’t necessarily condemn: the special enchantment tables. On one hand, I used to love things like this in RPGs, and even when in World of Warcraft you used to have to go to a dungeon or raid to craft certain kinds of resistance gear because you required a unique anvil; but nowadays, it feels like a chore kind of. So while I like the neat idea of the special fire table in Balefire Cavern for the “Somael’s Flame” weapon enchant and Inner Fire for armor, and the thunder one later in the game, it’s kind of tedious.

I think I’d be better with the unique ones if the normal one wasn’t so rare for so much of the game.

That said, your case is nuts - I saw one by the time I got to the second or third dungeon I think, it was one of the ones in the beta, but all the way up to Strongmont without enchants? Yipes! They help out quite a bit when you get wonky pieces of gear like Garrison’s berserker vestments or the slime armor.