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I fell off the platform :D

I went on the platform, turned it and wasnt sure if it would work, but if you have the platform the way i had in the pic you will fall off and there is no way back then restart the game and restart the dungeon as well. Watch out :smiley:

Hi @Tobbels, good find! To clarify, were you standing on the platform and interacting with the crank? Or did you run towards it as it was rotating?

Thanks again, found it!

Hijacking this thread.

Guess where I am :smiley:

Before falling off a platform I managed to kind of glitch an elevator: In the Mana Rifts there are the normal elevators which get you simply from A to B. On B you can have the possibility to use a shard to modify the elevator to get from B to C. This modification is shown by a vertical 180° rotation of the elevator. And I think my glitch occurred while the elevator was rotating and at the same time I ran towards it. Not sure if clearly visible but the glitch can be seen by how my char is standing on the ground (kind of angled).
I noticed the strange posture of my char but didn’t pay much attention to it since it was not game breaking at the time. But the Mana Rifts also have connecting platforms that appear when you move to the edge of the static platforms of which the Mana Rifts are composed of. So, the connecting platform appears, I step on it and fall through down to the “mana soup” you can see in the image above.

A comparison to show you the angled posture: