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I am still waiting on my Physical items

It’s been what, almost 3 years now? (I backed the project the week we moved to Florida…been here 3 yrs now and still, no art book and other things. I did receive the game, but I never wanted it. I backed for the other items.
Can I get an update?

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Hey, Tyler,
We’re really sorry about that. Have you tried contacting They should be able to get this resolved.

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Well, same for me. I’ve been contacted by the support already. At that time I’ve been told my rewards were on hold until some new shirts were printed. Then… nothing. It was more than 6 weeks ago.
I’ve just sent a reminder.

OK here is an update that can explain the delay of the physical rewards:

There were print errors with the print and we are still waiting for them to be reprinted. They are production now and then they need to be signed.

This is the message I received today following the email I sent yesterday in order to get an update.

While the situation is the same, it’s still good to know what is happening. :wink:

So for those that have emailed the address above and got no reply, now what??

Yeah I got all my physical and still waiting on the sketchy edition content. I was told they’re waiting on reprints, but I don’t know what’s to be reprinted!

It’s all quite frustrating.