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Hunt Boss #7 help?

Anyone else stuck on Hunt Boss #7? I’ve found the grave in the Southern Wilds, but I don’t know how to trigger the actual battle. Anyone else do it? Got any hints? I’ve found a monocle and a top hat, I think those items are related, I could be wrong though.

hi ! haven’t found the grave you are talking about, and right now i’m in the middle of the ng+playthrough so I can’t check it yet (could you post a screenshot ?)

BUT there is a guy in point break cantina I wanted to check once I got back the monocle

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@tpbkisobe You’ll need a Monocle, his Top Hat, and his Cane.

His cane’s in the last room of the Red Grave, the Top Hat you need to trade your normal one for the embroidered one from the guy sinusyteh posted.

@sinusyteh WK’s grave is right front and center of the outside area of Red Grave. It’s big and looks more like a small altar.

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thx @uberdyologzz ! i was wondering, I already got the hat, but still can’t trade with him, how did u do it ?

Hmm… I don’t know if there was a flag I tripped somewhere. I’m not even sure if the Top Hat I traded him was the original one - it’s possible there’s a trade before him? I can’t recall.

All I’m sure of is that if your hat has “W.K.” in the description, that’s the final hat for the grave.

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The hat you trade has a description that its slightly taller than normal. If you see that, you have the hat you need to trade. if you see the other description then its the one you need for the grave

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Where did you find the Monocle?

Once I got all the items I had the chat option to trade the hat, nothing hard ^^

u’ll find the monocle in the ancient waystation area (where u found the moss covered artifact). You need to have access to the pale cathedral in order to get the monocle. (don’t want to spoil too much =p)

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Yeah, I found the cane this morning, lol. I must have missed it. Thank you for the helpful reply, though!

Where can I find the cane? I’m at red grave and I can’t find it… There is a room that is locked behind a door with a key that I don’t have.

I already have the monocle and the traded top hat. Can somebody help me out?

u need to kill the warden in the grave in order to open the door

And how do I do that? You mean the ghost that runs around in circles? I tried to fight him but I can’t interact with him

u need to dig graves around, and find key to open the little mausoleum. Be sure to check all of the graveyard’s areas =)

I hope I can find it because I already checked all graves twice :confused:

there is a few graves that are behind a closed door (no need for a key to open it tho)

Thanks for your help. I finally found it :slight_smile: