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Hunt boss 4 - Help!

Anyone knows how to make the 4th hunt boss at the Red Graveyard fight you? I already defeated the 5th and 6th hunt bosses but I have no Idea how to make this boss tangible so he will fight me…
If anyone knows or has a theory about how to make him fight then please help.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Pay attention to the names he’s saying and the names on the gravestones

Theres a statue at the beginning that may offer a hint also

I dug out the grave with the rune but it didn’t trigger anything…

Thanks, will check it out…

How many names did you find?

You dug out just the one grave? Keep in mind there are three names

He says a few names but only the first one on the beginning left corner has the same name…desperate for something and to make sure I dug them all, but just skeletons or loot in them

Oh…How stupid of me. I didn’t notice the gates that lead to more graves…:sweat_smile:
Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

OK…Killed him with 2 hits…:sweat_smile:
looks like he was a little overpowered next to me at level 23…:joy:

nice :+1: I ended up finding that one first and struggling a bit with the one in the main graveyard. I was at 17 when I fought him so it took me a bit longer

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You mean the one where you need Claudius’s skull?

I meant finding the second rune. Haven’t found the skull yet.

Oh, lol.
Its so dark that I went past that gate several times but didn’t notice it
Too bad about the boss being easy for me, would have been nice to have fought him when it was a challenge.

Me too. Maybe I am at the right level to fight that black elemental treasure(If you have met him already) who beat me senseless at level 18

OK…defiantly not there yet…That one is probably for level 30