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How To Switch Party Members?

Hey Guys I just got Knolan and switched him out with Calibretto but how do I go back to the Party member editing screen to rearrange my party? I tried all shortcuts and I don’t see the option… Sorry if I’m such a nub and overlooked it…

You can access party select at the Inn.



Thanks @ravenwing1234 I’ll do that

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This was a little unclear to me also. I think I was able to swap characters also when I was about to enter a dungeon. Would be nice if you could do this on the overworld map in the character menu.

I agree with @Bloodlust, should be able to edit your party in world map, like most old school RPGs.

So far, I could only switch party members in the Inn, and also before i enter the dungeon. We should definitely be able to switch party members out in the world map. Makes it more convenient.

It should definitely be easier to change party members. Please make it so that we can change them on the world map

Yeah right now our only options are Inn and before starting a Dungeon with the use of the “=” key.

Going to bump this because not being able to swap party members on the world map is a huge pain. There should be an option to do it from the menu.