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How many more years should I wait

OK guys, I’m done… As it seems obvious you’ll never ship items to backers, please refund before legal actions!

Maybe, ask for the tracking number of the order… It might have already hit the import department or even got lost on the mail. Stuffs like that happen and I know it sucks. I already got my physical PS4 game earlier year (or last year, I can’t recall). It took awhile to arrive. I am sure there’s an email service to inform them of your order…

They told me **** as “We haven’t finished the physical rewards yet - once they’re done and shipping we’ll be sure to email you. I’ll get your name added to the HoH as well.” (My name was indeed finaly added to HoH)…nearly a year ago.
I’me tired and damn mad to wait…

I finally received mine after 3 12 years waiting. The art book was bent a little in one corner…but screw it. I’ll take it. Good luck getting me to EVER back another project. I’ve done 10 Kickstarters and get my product to the backers on time every time…you simply need to be professional and appreciate the Backers and their support. Words without actions are empty.

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This is disgraceful I am never backing anyone again based on my horrible experience with these rewards Am still waiting for my singed print!!