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High Captain Blothe Removes Airships From Game?

I don’t know if this is intentional (as it makes sense from a story perspective), but I’m 1 sky captain away from completing my Beastiary and the ships no longer show up. I defeated Blothe before the last Sky Captain ever spawned and haven’t seen an airship since. Does taking him out remove airship spawns? Kept completing dungeons but so far he’s never returned. (Already completed the story.)

Start NG+ your bestiary carries over and the skycaptains will return

Once you defeat the High Captain, his pirates will stop spawning. You will be able to see them all again in NG+ and bestiary progress carries over like @Mad_Fabric said.


Hoooooo that’s the answer to my question! So in fact once you defeated him once you can meet him again!?
how sad! My favorite boss!
… maybe a good reason to just jump back into the game then… :thinking: