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Hidden monster or bug?

I have played this area many times during several dungeon runs by now but I have never managed to find all monsters.
Am I just blind and can’t find a hidden monster or hidden room? This area is the one with the gargoyle event and its eyes to open a hidden room with a treasure chest.
So, am I blind or is that a display bug on the dungeon map?

Don’t mind the two rooms after the highlighted one. I took the screenshot during the run, not after defeating the endboss.

I’ve seen this happen in a few dungeon rooms. One time I found the monster but could never reach it to start the fight. It was an Elemental that had been spawned behind some rocks, which allowed it to kind of blend in. But those rocks also acted as a barrier, no matter what I did I could never reach it and initiate the fight. It kept using those spells that drop rocks from the ceiling. I even used dungeon skills to try to kill it or wiggle it out of place. Nothing… They need to create some sort of fail safe that if a monster is spawned in an area where it can’t move around, it should automatically be teleported a few units towards the terrain where it can actually move around in.