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Hexadecimal code for colors displayed in french version

Hello all !

There is few spell descriptions where <color=#???> is displayed. Same issue when you give the paper to the black-smith but you already know this one.

here my screens. looks at the spell descriptions

Hey @Maxildan, thanks so much for the screenshots! Will help with us tracking these down.

More bug with colors and translations
First picture there is a problem with “œ” letter and accent displaying (see the “Réparer” word). second is color problem in text

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Hi, said it in an other post but i also have this html tags in some areas.

  • During combat, in the description of calibretto’s cure wave.
  • When i got the letter back to the blacksmith from the bandit camp (something like “you gave the letter to…”)

Do you need more of these screenshot ?
There’s a lot of those error in french

@AirshipAndy I confirm too. Does your team need a screenshot for each html tag and/or hexa code error? We could use a single topic to reunite all those kind of bugs…? (should be more effective)

We’ll be updating the beta with fixes shortly; hold off until then, in case we’ve addressed the all already!


Sometimes I can’t even take a screenshot, it’s too quick (for example when we are giving the letter to the blacksmith)^^

I started another topic for the new Beta version (V.22753) : [BUG][V.22753] French Localization