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Heal / Leave stones feedback

While taking my time in the path of broken claws dungeon, I unlocked the center section and reached the boss area.

Found the big green heal stone, used once per dungeon for a full heal and mana refresh. I perk and play defensively, and tend to save blue mana so I was still fairly fresh, and decided I’d tactically save the green stone refresh buff for AFTER the boss fight.

Upon beating the boss [Very Cool Fight BTW, I really liked the mechanics of it.], I headed back to the green stone for the refresh but was dismayed to find it now wouldn’t refresh me, only offered to take me out of the dungeon.

I feel this was an unnecessary removal of a tactical option.

Maybe not a bug, exactly, but maybe after the boss fight is done, if the heal refresh hasn’t been used it could and perhaps should still offer it.

Or hell, why not offer the refresh both before and after the fight if it’s too hard to code it to detect if it’s been used yet or not.


I too encountered this from the first dungeon I did. Going forward I just made sure to use it, so that it isn’t wasted. I think they remove the heal/refresh even when it hasn’t been “used” in order to not confuse people, so that they know they can use it to escape from the dungeon. Since it’s blue and is able to be interacted with, it intuitively makes the player check it out.

I can think of two ways to solve this problem.

  1. Completely heal/restore mana after successful completion of a dungeon
  2. Teleport button that appears on screen after defeat of the final boss.
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