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HD Map missing?


I was wondering if I am doing something wrong or misunderstanding. According to my backer level (complete digital edition)I was supposed to get a HD map as a part of my package and according to this post it has already been released:

Is this given out via a code or something? Because I haven’t seen it on my inventory; and, according to another poster here:

They haven’t been able to get to it either.

Thank you very much for any help on this.

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Oh, hmm… might be something up with it. I’ll check. Sorry!


Thank you very much!

Thank you very much for remembering

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Any news?¿ I can’t get the HD map…

Missing it here too.

Have noticed the same thing

Yup! Me neither…

:worried: I have two codes for Download Wallpapers but not map…

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Same thing happening on my end. But it does look like they are trying to get things fixed, so thanks for the effort so far; but we are still missing the map.

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Yeah this is really strange. We’re working on it.


@strangelove I am being too patient, something new or resigned to forget the digital map …

Any update on the map or extended soundtrack?

Dangit, how’d the freaking map get busted again? Ok, looking at it one more time.

Soundtrack: our music guys are picking their b-sides now and it should be out this week.


The soundtrack I downloaded today is 29 tracks. Is this not the extended? I’m also missing access to the HD map and did the --digital compendium of Nightwar design notes and behind the scenes info-- come out yet?

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It’s ok for me. Thanks!

Thanks, the HD map is now in my inventory. Digital Compendium status?

It is now in my inventory.

Thank you very much!

Many thanks, the HD map is finally in my inventory.