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Having trouble with Chaoseater In-Game Code

I was in the process of redeeming all the in-game goodes, and redeemed the code for the Chaoseater but didn’t receive a code to redeem in-game and now that I look at my inventory on Airship I don’t see it available? What step did I mess up?

On the bright side I was able to redeem the Explorer’s Item Pack and Exclusive Portraits without issue.

If you are on the PS4, follow these steps, as I just went through this problem as well.

  1. Manually close the game (Press the quick menu button and manually close the application).
  2. Check for updates, make sure you are using version 1.01
    • If you do not have version 1.01, update the game
  3. Relaunch the game, go into extras, type in the code.

If this still does not work, repeat the above steps. Unfortunately, it took me 4 attempts at this in order to get all the items to properly unlock.

Thanks for the reply! I’m actually on Steam. The Chaoseater code doesn’t appear on my inventory page on at all after I attempted redeeming it. All I can see are my Steam key, and the Explorer Item’s and the Exclusive Portraits.

I’m hoping there’s a way to get a code for my backer account.

I would think so. The devs here are pretty amazing and quite good at getting back to people. Though today there may be a bit of a delay… something about some game launching on multiple platforms or something.

Sorry you are still dealing with this issue! Can you shoot an email to and we can get you sorted out

Okay, I figured out what the problem with my code was. I read “O” (the letter) as “0” (the number). Once I replaced everything with “O” the code worked

Sent a ticket to support but haven’t heard anything back about getting things resolved. :confused:

So to clarify the Chaoseater item appeared in my account inventory. When I clicked to redeem the item completely disappeared leaving no code to redeem. The other in-game items I redeemed but their codes are still present in my inventory. It would be great to get a code so I can redeem it for the Chaoseeker. Thanks.