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+Haste effects end too soon?

I noticed that when I use Garrison’s Quickstep to initiate combat, he always goes first and the Initiative Bar sometimes shows he should get 2 actions in a row. The problem is that as soon as he takes his first action the buff falls off, and he falls down to the 4th/5th slot as if he never had haste at all.

Is this intended or a bug? I wasn’t sure if the intent of Quickstep was to just let him go first, or if it was basically supposed to give him a free action.


so how it works is you have 100% haste(so you start first) and your next action benefits from that value of haste. So a slow speed ability would start next or after the 2nd member has his/her turn.

I see. Does that mean using an action on the last tick of haste effectively wastes it?

Thats correct. The slower your first move, the bigger the benefit it will have. (those tend to have bigger mana costs too, so you can start the fight with a big bang like rage wave instantly, but itll cost you more resources)

nope. it applies to whatever action you use it for.

basically how you should use the final round you have haste is to use an ability with a cast time. your basic abilities will waste it.

Steve - I see. I typically don’t start with anything but his basic actions to save up for a giant Warblade since he has no way to replenish mana, so that’s a bit of a bummer. I just assumed haste affected all actions equally.

Now I’m wondering if there’s any reason to be using Rallystrike if it doesn’t affect basic actions - exactly how does haste work? Do you use up 2 stacks if you use a Casted ability, much like how DoTs tick twice?

Clavitz - Yeah, that’s what I was getting at (I meant instant actions, not abilities). I’m still figuring out the finer details of the action timing system; Haste is apparently not as straightforward as I assumed it was.

Basic actions will still be effected in that the recovery time before you act again is reduced. You just get a bigger benefit using it on something with a cast time since that is also reduced. For Quickstep, it will make Garrison act first and instantly trigger the ability essentially.

I see, so for buffs a stack only falls off when the action (or ability) executes, but debuffs/DoTs tick both when you start and execute said ability?