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Haste? and the changes made

Hey everyone,

I read the patch notes, it stated Haste would be less game breaking… so now my haste went from 14.1% to 4%… that’s a huge change… and now you can have negative haste?? (haven’t played in over a week… just confused is all)

how has this change effected everyone?

Thanks in advance.

Your current haste shouldnt have been effected. The change only set a cap to how low haste can get so that enemies dont get into a loop where they can never act. the other side shouldnt be effected at all (garrison’s dash should still give 100% haste to force you first etc)

Some things i think it could be : did you gain any levels since the last time you checked haste (you need more haste rating to keep the same % haste as you level up, which higher level gear will supply) or did a buff wear off by chance? we also had another bug where enchants lost effectiveness everytime the game was loaded (this was fixed but isnt retroactive).

Hello Steve!

Thank you so much for the quick reply… I saved and exited the game, then opened it again. once that happened my stats returned to what they were before. not sure what happened… but everything seems fine now. Thanks again for the quick reply :smiley: