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Hall of Backers

So if you backed from campaign on page not on kickstarter your name is not in hall of backers?

Mine is not there.

Site backers should definitely be included. Did you check the Opt In box in the credits part of the survey? If you did and don’t see your name, send a message to

We’ll be updating them again anyway since some people haven’t don’t their survey so don’t worry. We’ll get you in.

Yeah, i’ve ticked opt-in with survey.

Maybe a stupid question but where is the hall of backers?

nvm… I found it on the main website. I thought it was somewhere ingame xD

hmm… it looks like the Hall of Heroes (where my name should be) cuts off in the 'G’s for some reason.

I haven’t poked around too much on the webpage but where is the HoH?

sorry about that, I found it!!!

Yeah cuts off at G for me too

it also stops at “G” for me.

Mine isn’t there :confused:

Mine’s not there also coz it stops at G :disappointed_relieved:

I’m disappointed at Divinity Original Sin II they didn’t include my name, hope it’s not the same here.

My name isnt in there…Im so sad :frowning:

I just wanted the bragging rights

Hopefully the list is updated soon

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Chiming in here. Mine is also not on the list.

Still not fixed. :frowning: In the meantime, when can i expect my box version of the game?

I’m not there as well

Same for me. Just checked the wall… :disappointed_relieved:

Not showing anywhere either. Also, we supposed to see names ingame at all, or is it just for bigger backers?

So any ETA for Hall of Backers update and boxed version of the game arrival?

Yea!! I see my name! Woo hooo go me!