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Gun Hulk : Some balancing would be good

Hello everyone

Really enjoying the game so far :slight_smile:
Was really worth the backing and for the wait.

My biggest issue is currently with the Gun Hulk mobs, which seem just too powerful.
I am currently using a party of lvl 15-17 characters, but whenever I encounter this mob and company, will get wiped really fast.
Unfortunately they are really hard to kill (because of their huge healthpool and good damage reduction), but in the meantime they deal a lot of damage too.

Don’t get me wrong, I like challanges, but having an enemy that is both really hard to kill and deals a lot of damage, is just a bit of an overkill.
It should be either a tough mob or a hard hitter mob.
Not to mention that it just one mob, and when it gets paired with other mobs, things get ugly really fast.

What is the problem?
-Gun Hulk’s healthpool too big (1500+)
-Gun Hulk’s damage is just too high (300+ ,which means it can kill party members in 3-4 attack… unless it crits)
-Gun Hulk’s has really good damage mitigation in top of these.

-Half it’s HP pool or damage migration
-Half it’s damage output
-Just make it a single spawn mob (like a miniboss, ergo it cannot have other mobs with it)

Thanks for reading.

Right now, one solution I find against Gunhulk is to use Gully’s taunt to make sure the Hulk attack her, and keep her in defense mode, adding shields from her or Knolan.

But yeah, they are a bit OP.