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Gully's self-revive broken?

So I’m trotting along in Deadwatch (?) when I encounter the undead fire wizard mini-boss. The fight is going pretty even when I use her self-revive. Gully dies the next round and is instantly revived. On Gully’s turn, ALL of her abilities are grayed out. I couldn’t activate any of her abilities and had to reset the game to continue.

I encountered the same issue today.

What happened exactly is, Gully got revived, the turn went to the next hero (the list to the left), but the ability selection UI at the bottom of the screen stayed on Gully’s abilities, all of them grayed out. Had to reset the game too.

Hi @Justice, thank you for the report! Very sorry you experienced this! We are changing the way this ability works in an upcoming patch (will act more like a damage shield that heals instead) to prevent this from occurring.

This happened to me too.

Thank you for the response @AirshipAndy :blush:

I’m sad about the ability change (a tank being able to self-revive sounds pretty kool to me :wink:) but is also probably a little broken :rofl::rofl:

Keep up the good work guys!

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Hi there :slight_smile:

For your information, the next patch note is here :


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