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Ground collision bug still present

The Dig.

Argh! Sorry about that @newy will add some additional collision around this area to hopefully prevent this from occurring again. Thank you for the report!

If at all possible, if you happen to run the dungeon again, please feel free to post a screenshot of you a few steps before this issue occurred just so we can take a closer look if this may be a bigger issue than just collision. Thanks again!

Apparently, even mobs can fall through the ground.

Can’t really tell how it happens as I was searching a remaining mob in this particular room (like to clean all rooms of enemies^^). Anyway, saw its shadow and approached, only to see that it was already under the ground. It reacted to me but we couldn’t really tango.

Another run, another… collision bug? OR spawn bug?

This is getting “unfunny:”

The upper-level skeleton is the one from the previous screenshot, the lower-level one is the newly discovered one.

These two (if I can’t find more) also prevent me from unlocking the teleporter present in this room.

Thanks again for these reports and I’m very sorry you’re running in to these! It does appear to be a reoccurring issue in Mana Rifts. We’ll take a look at what can be done about these enemy spawns.