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Gradation on screen edge toggle

Hey, I saw the fast response to the vibration function, and that’s awesome.

I noticed the game has a grey gradation filter over the graphics and changing none of the three preset post processing effects or the three current GFX quality settings removes it, or softens it in any way.

[I’m hopeful it’s only there here in the intro tutorial area, actually.]

I’m not sure if this was placed as a way to give the game a “mysterious” quality, but I’d love a way to just remove it entirely, I think it subtracts from the gorgeous art on the maps and as a filter on the graphics it’s just unnecessarily slowing the game down anyhow.

Thanks for reading.

Hey, Rune,

I did a before and after screenshot comparison and wasn’t sure I could see what you meant. I don’t believe we have any effects that desaturate/grey the game, but I may be misunderstanding you.
Might it be the ambient occlusion that’s creating additional shadows that you’re seeing?



Never mind, I understand what you mean now. You’re referring to the vignette that’s darkening the corners of the screen, yes?

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Yes, exactly… the grey Vignette that appears darkest at the four corners of the screen, but really saturates the entire screen but is almost but not quite invisible in 70% of the center screen.

I feel you guys put it there to increase a sense of mystery or fake a sense of darker environments, and hide the skybox wraparound to being under the landscape inside the dungeons, like this.

FFT screenshot
[An example of what I think you are attempting to avoid, I present this screenshot of Final Fantasy Tactics.]

Now, I think it’s admirable to hide the plain skybox from view, but saturating the player view so much it detracts from the gorgeous environmental art is in my opinion worse, and I’d rather see the skybox you’re trying to hide and all the environments clearly, than have the saturation grey area occluding my view.

I understand completely that the vignette may also be an artistic design choice for mood, but I’d still prefer a toggle to turn it off, or maybe a slider to lighten the effect [or darken it perhaps]. I don’t mind it when games have such effects default, but allow one to turn it off and have a plainer, less stylistic but clearer picture as an option.

Champions Online screenshot
[Another example image, this time of Champions Online. In this image you can see clear shadows rendered on the foreground Archer’s Ribcage and side, controlled by the shadow setting in the game, but a separate “Comic Shading” rendered as black lines surrounding both figures and on some background detail, and this comic shading post processing effect has it’s own toggle and can be turned off completely, if desired. Toggling it off makes the game look less like a comic book and more like a traditional MMO game, ala City of Heroes or DCUO.]

I know some people may like a photographic vignette effect on their games, but I can’t stand it. I don’t want anything I’m playing to “guide my view” such as artificially vignetting the corners, or motion blur, or blurring parts of the screen to “simulate” how the human eye focuses on foreground or background details, one at a time.

Example of an animated webcomic simulating eye focus that I absolutely despise.

I would prefer to decide what I want to focus upon on the screen, thank you very much.

I hope this makes sense and doesn’t come across as whiny or weird.

Thanks for the response!