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Garrison out of scale?

First of all, I’m having a ton of fun with the beta! I wanted to note something minor I haven’t seen anyone else mention. Is it just me, or does Garrison seem a bit too small and out of scale compared to Gully on the battle screen? I don’t think it’s too far off… maybe making him about 10% to 20% bigger would correct it. Has anyone else noticed this?

I’ve seen a couple things mentioned I would like to comment on as well. Movement speed in explore mode could use a boost… but if that’s done please also up the speed of traps in the dungeons as well to keep it balanced. A Transmog system of some sort would be a great addition as well. Perhaps even just a “keep classic weapons model” for each individual character. I want the power upgrades but would like to see Gully keep rocking her daddy’s gauntlets instead of some random dudes boxing gloves for example.

Thanks for bringing this property back in spectacular fashion! Battle Chasers has held a special place in my heart over the years but I didn’t dare to dream we’d ever get more comics let alone see these characters brought to life in a game! Keep up the great work guys!

I read the comics ages ago, but i don’t remember Garrison being all that tall. i kinda always thought of him as Joe Mad’s “Wolverine with a big sword.” And correct me if I’m wrong, but Monica is tall AF from looking at references in google.