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Garrison has purple hair in game should be black

Playing on the ps4 version and garrison has purple hair during gameplay and in the character menu when equipping. Yet in his static character portrait and cut scenes his hair is black.

Is this going to be fixed in the update?

hey, @Tkelsey04. That’s curious… Could you get a screenshot of this issue for us?

@ortizgames. I’m going to double check the settings on my TV just to make sure. Still stuck at work currently. But now that I been thinking about it I may have bumped up my brightness settings on my TV for Diablo 3.

I will confirm tonight when I check.

I messed with my tv settings for an hour nothing affected it.

@ortizgames let me know if you need anything else

This is actually an effect of the lighting, and the bit of color that’s in his hair. Technically it’s black, by stylistically, it’s kinda not. I’d point you to Joe’s concept for the in-game Garrison:

Just a style choice, really. :slight_smile:

I noticed this as well while playing and, watching gameplay vids from trailers, seemed as intended. I do find it odd that he’s the only character who is this affected by the lighting.

It’s a minor nitpick, I know, but would it be possible to soften the lighting effect on him in a future patch, so his hair and skin colour still maintains his iconic look? If so, I’d probably love the game even more than I already do - Garrison’s pretty much the poster boy for Battle Chasers (at least for me) after all :slight_smile:

@jrama glad I’m not the only one. I thought something was wrong with my tv. Like you said it is quite odd that only garrison is affected.