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Gamescom demo - difficulty level

I have a question about the demo who was playable on Gamescom. I’m interested in the difficulty level of it because I forgot to look in the options. My guess is “Normal” or even 1 tier higher.

I’ve seen that I’m not the only one here who played the demo on Gamescom - can somebody answer that question?

Thank you :slight_smile:

The demo at gamescom was tuned to be a bit tougher (characters are slightly undergeared for that area). At pax we have a diff demo at the thqnordic booth that’s an it easier (characters geared well for the dungeon). The demo at gamescom was also a bit further along in the game so creatures and abilities available are a bit more complex (monika and alumon’s moves have a bit more complexity). Hope that answered your question and hope you enjoyed the demo!

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If it makes you feel any better, I totally wiped playing the Gamescom demo!

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What platform was the Gamescom demo on? Was it PC? I’m curious about the controls on PC, having watched a lot of the gameplay videos. Is navigation in the world similar to Diablo III, where you just use the mouse to click where you want to go, or is it keyboard controlled (WASD)?

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I enjoyed it a ton thank you! :smile: Okay that’s the kind of thing I was thinking about - thanks!

Well…my gf and I were able to beat it! Wooo! :grin:
But boy… these Vampireghouls are some nasty guys to deal with! They have good HP, hit like a truck and heal and buff themselves with haste by doing so :flushed:

As you’ve suspected, the demo was on PC and could be controlled with a keyboard (WASD) and a Xbox controller but I like your idea of controlling it with mouse clicks like in D3!

The Gamescom 2016 demo was pretty tough also! I was able to beat it first try, but my friends struggled with it and couldn’t beat the boss.

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The Gamescom demo was definitely the toughest to date. That dungeon was #6 of 8, so the enemies were pretty advanced. Grats to those who managed to beat it! It’s long also!

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