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Game temporarily freezes on first damage

Each time I load the game, the first time any damage is done (either to me or an enemy, in battle or on a dungeon trap, doesn’t matter how/who) the game will freeze. I am playing with a XBox One controller, and the vibrate with get stuck and rumble during the entire freeze. The game is frozen for about 15-30 seconds, and then resumes with no issues. This has happened EVERY time, and never happens again within the same session.

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I’ve had a similar issue.Using a PS4 controller.

Haven’t checked to see if it happens when not using controller.

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I thought it was happening only on PC version as its “still” loading some files. But since its only on first fight after loading … i haven’t payed much attention to it.

It’s not even necessarily during a fight. I walked over a trap before I even got into a fight and the same thing happened. It’s literally first damage, in any scenario.

I also thought it maybe wasn’t done loading but no amount of waiting (before starting the game during boot, after the starting the game, etc) didn’t change the behavior.

Thanks for the report, guys; this is a bug we’re aware of and have had on our list to look into.