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Game Launch Tomorrow!

Ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow is the day!

If you’ve tried to log into the beta, you’ve likely seen an ominous warning about stuff being revoked… but don’t worry. This is just us cutting the beta so we can prep the full game for launch.

From all of us at Airship I want to extend a personal thanks to all those who helped improve the game by participating in both the beta and these forums over the past month. It has materially impacted the game and made it better in a significant way. We hope to heck you enjoyed it, and continue to in the full release!

Keys will all be delivered through your Inventory on In fact, right now you can log in and make your final platform selection. This will give you the item that you’ll eventually unlock for the game code when it’s available tomorrow!

To our Steam backers, if you’ve enjoyed your time with the game, please let the world know with a Steam review when it’s live! We’d love to keep making games for you guys, and some hype in the reviews will go a long way towards making that happen!

Thank you everyone… see you on the other side!



Thank you for the game i’ve been waiting for. Pleasure is all ours. :slight_smile:

I know you guys are probably sweating right about now, but tomorrow… midnight tonight? midnight central time? im imagining a giant red launch button with you guys huddled around it… lol XD

Appears to be the ‘steam standard’ of 10am PDT/1pm EDT release time

but ps4 is midnight right? im more wondering when the codes for us physical upgraders go live… i wanna dl on ps4 at midnight!

Midnight for the UK was 1hr and 42 minutes ago. Finalised my platform selection and there’s no code showing??!!!

No one confirmed it will be released at midnight :wink:
I’m pretty exited myself, but guys be patient :smiley: We’ll be playing soon enough ^^

The game was made available/unlocked for PS4 users at midnight in the UK. We’re now 2hrs 30 minutes past midnight. It’s reasonable to expect to have the code available at midnight on October 3rd no matter which region/platform. Pre-order buyers and midnight buyers have been enjoying the game on ps4 for almost 3hrs in the UK whilst us backers are sitting here twiddling our thumbs!

Will backers who chose a physical copy for Nintendo Switch still be given an option to download the game digitally on another platform while we wait?

Submitted steam review, doesn’t seem to be visible yet though.

Have a great launch day with a fantastic game! :slight_smile:

Did the game launched already? I can’t find the game in my steam after the beta expired.

because you need to go to your account page on the site and get your key

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