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Game freezing on victory screen

I just got to the Crimson Garden dungeon, and I’m not sure if it’s this area, or if I just have bad luck, but about 3 times now the game has frozen on the Victory screen when I’ve won a battle and I have to close the game entirely and restart it. Not a HUGE issue, I’m just worried about my save file getting corrupted and having to start over again. Anybody else having an issue similar to this?

PS. My platform is PS4 (regular)

Were you fighting a bomber by any chance? We fixed a bug that commonly happened with him, and another in which an enemy died to a dot and then you died to a dot as combat was ending. Those should both be fixed in the next patch

@ airship-steve is this in reference to the unstable bombers found in the dig dungeon?

every single time they suicide and it ends the fight my game freezes and does not let me out of combat

just tried again after the 900Mb patch on steam and it seems that when the unstable bomber suicides the game still freezes on the victory screen

What version number do you see in the top right on the menu screen

hi guys i am on V.23097

Same here.
PS4, Patch 1.03
If the last enemy i kill is the little bomb that suicide itself on my party, the victory screen freezes (not really freezing, background animation and music still playing). Nothing to do except force quitting the game. :sob: