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Game Freeze on Xbox 1 before Dig Boss Fight

Playing through on Xbox One.
Playing “The Dig” Dungeon on Normal.
Get down the elevator in the final room and activate the crystal then walk down the tunnel towards the glowing green skull. I get a few paces before the skull and the walking animation freezes like I would be going into a battle but the loading screen with the skulls never pops up and the screen just freezes on my character moving towards this green dragon skull thing. I’ve reset my console several times and continued the dungeon, teleported to the final room, and still freeze right before the skull. Any fix so I don’t have to restart the dungeon?

It sounds like its having an issue playing a video (there is a cutscene there at the place where you are getting stuck). Did the intro and the Iron Outpost cutscene play ok? I’m not sure exactly why that’s happening, but one thing you can try if you have decent bandwidth is uninstalling and reinstalling the game. You can also try resetting the dungeon and seeing if it happens the 2nd time. Sorry you are experiencing this :frowning: Let us know if this helps

Every cutscene has played fine up until this point.
I’ll restart the dungeon this morning and see if that does the trick. Very hesitant to uninstall/reinstall on Xbox. Wouldn’t I lose my save file? Already put 15+ hours into an awesome game!

Will report back on dungeon reset in the next couple of hours!

You should be able to uninstall a game on Xbox One without deleting the saves. I hope theres no need to try that though!

I just had this issue myself. Twice in the dig, just before the animation played my X-box would freeze. I managed to finally get it to work. Here is what I did:

  1. Travel through the dungeon till I went down the crashing elevator, just before the Boss battle.
  2. Used the Teleport pad to teleport back to the entry of the dungeon and exit.
  3. I went back to town and sold some items, but I don’t think it would be necessary. Just putting it here because it’s what I did.
  4. Save and exit to menu
  5. Reload save. (Did not have to restart X-box)
  6. Re-enter dungeon and use teleport pad to return to the Boss room.
  7. When I approached the Glowing Skeleton the animation began and I continued the fight as normal.

I don’t know if you are still having the issue or not, but I hope this helps.