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Game Crashing at XP/Rewards Screen

I have been experiencing crashes in the XP/rewards screen. I’m in The Dig and fought one particular Unstable Bomber. The music plays, the animations are still rolling, but I cannot press escape or “e” to continue out. I’m playing the dungeon in Heroic mode with Bretto, Gully and Monica. At the end of the battle, he throws his grenade-- don’t know if this animation has anything to do with it-- but I’ve fought other Bombers who did not use this ability at the end of the battle and the fight ended properly with no issues. I’ve fought this particular Bomber about 4 times now and the issue reoccurs. I will try to fight other monsters in the dungeon to see if I continue to have any problems

The same thing occured in this area as well w/ the Bomber and Elemental-- however-- I was able to beat this part and the XP/reward screen progress properly if I beat the Bomber first, then the Elemental-- I did that fight twice-- the first time, beat the elemental first, then the bomber-- bomber throws his death grenade, then get stuck at xp/reward screen. Rebooted the game. 2nd fight killed the bomber first, then elemental, and xp/reward screen progressed properly.

hi @Jmiles we are trying to repro this but having some trouble. A couple of questions for you about the issue:
1)is he doing the ability where he throws a bomb, accidentally lights his bombs on fire and blows up in place when he is hit, or the one where he lights his back on fire, laughs and then runs at the group and throws himself at the group and blows up?
2) were you in the middle of this dungeon when you downloaded the patch?
3)Have you only seen this happen when he was the last creature to die?


Hey Steve–

ah-- I believe it was the Bomber’s animation where he accidentally lights
his bombs on fire and blows up in place, does damage to the group before
the fight ends-- to be more accurate-- sorry about that-- that’s what I

I’m not sure if the game downloaded the patch while I was in the dungeon–
does it do that on the fly? even while playing?

Yes-- when the Unstable Bomber was the last creature to die in the fight–
the XP/rewards screen freezes.

It wont update while playing. Was wondering if you happened to save in the middle of the dungeon, downloaded the patch next time you went to play and continued the dungeon. And thanks for the clarification!

No, I never saved the game while in the middle of the dungeon-- when the
game would crash during the Bomber fight, I would force close the game,
reboot, and continue the dungeon from there-- the game would auto-save the
enemies that I killed when successfully won a fight and continued through
the XP/Reward screen properly-- those enemies would disappear forever until
the dungeon was complete. I did manage to kill all the Bombers in that
room eventually-- but I think it had something to do w/ that one final
animation, when the Bomber accidentally ignites all his stuff-- that’s the
only time I had the problems. Do the patches come through and hot fix
themselves when I’m away from my home machine? or is that something I have
to manually install? Last one I got was on the 22nd, I think…

my steam autoupdates games when its idle and im not in a game. It may depend on settings

I’d like to chime in and say that I’ve been running into this issue tonight. I’ve patched up before going into the dungeon, but when the bomber does a suicide bomb, the music just plays and battle won’t let me exit.

I’m also playing on heroic, but I’m seeing this mostly when the first move the bomber makes is a self destruct.