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Game Crashing after the film at the begining

I’ve just moved from win 7 to win 10 and after launching the game and passing the intro I get a crash.
Here are the files of the latest error: (47.6 KB)
Hope you can help with this error.
My PC:
AMD Ryzen 5 1600x
Nvidia GeForce GTX 970
16 GB Ram

P.S I will try to reinstall the game.

Could you post your output_log.txt file after the crash?

Here you go:
output_log.txt (40.3 KB)
It’s from 20.10.2018.

I’ve looked some other post and found this:

It worked for me :slight_smile:

Приветствую уважаемые разработчики.
У меня проблема с запуском игры.
Высылаю отчет об ошибке.error.log (28.7 KB)
output_log.txt (43.5 KB)
Помогите мне пожалуйста!!!

@Apostol3327: That looks like the Discord-related crash, too. Try this:

Огромное спасибо!!!
Все работает, поехали зарубимся.