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Game Crashes with battle (PC/Steam)


Just bought the game but the game crashes back to windows before battle (like 60% of the time) and after battle (100% of the time).

output_log.txt (20.1 KB)

I’ve tried with different settings, safe mode, changing that discord file name to dont run. My pc specs should be able to handle the game. I’ve also checked integrity of files and even reinstalled, same thing happens.

Please help. Thank you.

Sorry about that!

  • Are you playing the Steam build?
  • What version number do you see on the main menu?
  • Do you get an error.log file, too? Could you post that?
  • Do you get crashes running any other Unity games?

Hi, thank you for the reply.

  • Yes it’s a steam build.
  • V.24034
  • I posted the output log already, is there a separate error log?
  • No I don’t get crashes from any other Unity games

Hi again

I managed to fix it. The problem was Bitdefender and it’s new anti-ransonware which picked up changes being bad to the log file.

Great now I can play.

Glad to hear it! Enjoy!