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Game crashes Strongmont

Have tried reinstalling.
Did not work.
Game crashes at end of Strongmont dungeon final boss. Does not get past the cutscene.
35 hours in. Seems like it has affected others.
Any solution ?

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I did this once and was 37 hours in. It crashed on me at the strongmont boss and corrupted my save. I was using Gully, Calibretto, and Garrison on Legendary. It would crash at the first speech bubble. I attempted to try 3 more times and then it wouldn’t let load my game over anymore. Figured it was a glitch and just started a new game. Now I’m 51 hours in. At the Strongmont boss with Gully, Calibretto, and Knolan. It’s on Heroic Difficulty As I walk up to him he has his speech bubble up and then begore the potential cutscene… it freezes. Then shuts down my XBOX One. It also disconnects my controllers to the point I have to resynch them. Played other games to see if it was my Xbox, they worked fine with no issues. I love this game but can’t progress any farther in the story. I’m hoping 88 hours of gsmeplay is not lost on this known glitch. Any patches or fixed in the work? Thanks team

Happens right after he says “The master will see you now” this what it looks like. This time I used no buffs and did not touch the mana crystal. Let me know if any other info is needed to help resolve.

So sorry to hear about this issue. Alas, the devs don’t really come 'round these parts anymore. I decided to “flag” this thread to see if that gets their attention. Fingers crossed!