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Game crashes on world map

Hi everyone,
I am creating this thread because Battle Chasers: Nightwar crashes on the world map view.

The game crashes upon entering a fight from the world map. It also seem to crash every now
and then during normal events without any specific reason.

I’ve included the system info in case it might be helpful. Please feel free to contact me anytime
if you need further requirement.

Could you please kindly take a look at this issue? Your help is much appreciated.

I am playing the game on i5 4th Gen PC with Steam and XBOX wireless controller.
Steam version: API: v018, package versions: 153939410

system_info.txt (2.0 KB)

Sorry about that!

Some questions:

  • Are you playing through Steam? GoG?
  • Could you post your output_log.txt file after it crashes?
  • Are the crashes always on entering combat from the world map? Never entering combat in a dungeon?
  • What % of the time, roughly?

Hi Hooper,

  • I am playing the game on Steam
  • Here’s the output_log.txt (56.5 KB)
  • I haven’t yet entered a dungeon since it I couldn 't enter any battles
  • Repeatability is always (on world map)

Huh. I don’t see anything promising in the logfile.

Could you try having steam Verify Integrity on the install? I wonder if something got corrupted somehow. (Right click it in Steam, Properties->Local Files->Verify Integrity of Game Files)

Alright, I’ll try the fix and let you know. Thanks

I’ve tried verifying game the integrity, but it had no avail.

Then, I’ve done according to your suggestion in FIX - Crash to desktop - BitDefender, and the issue seem to be resolved now. Thank you!