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Game crashes after DIscord Rich presence update

Hey, after the linux update game started crashing both my Discord app and itself. Crashes occur during loading screen after each battle. It’s around 60% repeatable, crash log is here:

output_log.txt (173.7 KB)
error.log (36.0 KB)

Hey, @LockeLiefather,

Did you mean the Discord update? Your crash logs are for a Windows crash, not Linux.

It looks like your DX11 driver is crashing. This is an issue on some games made in Unity. If you know how to do a clean install of your graphics drivers, you may want to try doing so - that has worked for some Unity games in the past.
Otherwise, we recommend you play the game in DX9 mode.


I mean Discord update. Now, after patch, Discord and Battle Chasers crash one after another. Repro goes usually like this:

  1. I start an encounter
  2. I win/lose an encounter, and get loaded to worldmap/dungeon
  3. Discord app Crashes
  4. I start another encounter
  5. I win/lose ancounter, and get loaded to worldmap/dungeon
  6. During loading Battle Chasers crashes.

What I assume is happening, is that there’s problem with getting data about my in-game activity to Discord.

  1. Game tries to send data to Discord, and it crashes Discord.
  2. Game tries to send data to crashed application which causes Battle Chasers to crash.

When I play with Discord turned off everything works just fine, only when Discord is running in the background game starts crashing.

My graphic drivers are around one month old, but I try to update them nevertheless, although I don’t think they’re a part of the problem.

P.S. I call this update Linux Update, because I assumed that the same patch that adds Linux Support also adds Discord Rich Presence support.

Sorry to hear that’s happening! And I appreciate the detailed report, @LockeLiefather

Anyone else having problems using Discord with the game? Or, conversely, anyone having success with it? (We haven’t had this issue with any of the machines we’ve tested on so far, but admittedly that’s not a huge number.)

Also: what part of the worldmap are you on? And do you know what specific enemies you were fighting?

(I’m wondering if the description sent to Discord of the encounter is too long somewhere.)

Hey, thanks for the reply. I just want to say that your team has made excellent job, i was playing yesterday and I’ve suffered severe case of “just_another_encounter” :smiley: Although I even own the comics in paperback so I’m a bit biased :stuck_out_tongue:

So, thing is, I’ve not encountered this problems again. I was fighting basic skeletons and undead with a sprinkle of edgy Lycelots around Deadwatch, and couldn’t reproduce the issue. While playing yesterday I menaged to progress as far as mana wastes and there was no problem there.

If you have checked the code and my logs, and there’s nothing related to discord, I’m afraid we can’t do anything more. BUT I’m gonna check this again when I get back home and farm Deadwatch a little. I let you know if problem persists.

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Can you try the workaround described here, just in case?