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Full Screen Borderless Window Mode For PC (Steam)

Hey guys, this may not matter to most but it’s a huge help to those of us who Stream on Twitch and have multiple windows running at once. Having Borderless Window mode would be amazing on the Steam version and also whenever I Alt + Tab out of the game it Pauses the game and sounds which kills the continuity while Streaming while changing windows to report bugs in the forums or check thw quality of the stream. These features would help a lot!

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We’ve been looking into this; Unity’s implementation of full screen has made achieving this difficult.

You’ve definitely been heard, though!


Thanks for the update @ortizgames
I was watching this closely as well since I use a multi monitor set up, and all my games run in a Full Screen Borderless Window. At the moment I have Black Desert running in the background and I don’t know what I would do without the Borderless option.

Hey @Kanis and @Omni_Games, as well as anyone who’s interested!
Unity does not provide us fine control over the screen mode, but I believe there is already a way to do this.

Simply run the game using the -popupwindow command line argument (you can right click on Battle Chasers in Steam, select Properties, click the SET LAUNCH OPTIONS button and type -popupwindow into the text box provided) and if you then turn off fullscreen mode, you’ll have a borderless fullscreen window.

Hope this is what you were looking for!

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Yeah thanks for the suggestion @ortizgames I’m familiar with Steams -popupwindow launch option, I’ve used it in the past. Another great work around which is the one I’m currently using is a Steam software called Borderless Gaming it’s the best option I’ve found so far because -popupwindow doesn’t always work for all games on steam while this $4 piece of software always does. It even has the option in its settings to run without Steam implementation that way it doesn’t always show your user account as if you’re running that software at all times while using it to play games. It allows you to create a list of all the games you want it to automatically turn into full screen borderless window. It does it cleaner than other free software options out there which tend to leave like a 2-5 pixel border around the game window and you have to manually set them to work every time you want to run a game without the borderless option. I’m telling you, best $4 I spent to enhance my PC gaming experience!

On the other subject, my other concern was the game pausing gameplay and audio when we Alt + Tab, is there a possible fix for that? Or Unity is limited on that as well? We use Unity as well for our engine in the studio I work in but I work a lot on the Asset and Art side of things. Not too familiar with the coding aspects. What we’ve found a lot in the past is whenever we’ve needed help with certain things we want to implement you can sometimes find good third party options in the Unity Store or by asking their community.

At the end of the day I’m enjoying the heck out of the game as it is, if these 2 features can’t be implemented due to limitations of the engine, it won’t keep us away from enjoying it. Rest assured :grin:


My issue is for the digital release of the full version of the game.
I plan on getting the GOG version as long as that works out in the end, which means I won’t be touching Steam for the full release. So the codes/fixes may work for this but how about the full version?


I’ve looked online and found something similar to what you shared for Steam games.

as well as

But since I’ve never tried them yet I don’t know how reliable they will be.
It’s all wait and see at the moment though. Love how the community has been very good at sharing ideas and suggestions so far.

Hey @Kanis, -popupwindow is not Steam-specific from what I can tell. It’s built in to Unity, so this should work for Battle Chasers on GOG as well.

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