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Frequent crash : Access Violation (0xc0000005)


I’ve been enjoying the game quite a lot if for the major issue I encounter every so often : the game crashs every 30 to 60 min of play, some time less some time more (I got this crash 5 min into play, just in town doing nothing even)

Sometimes between areas (entering/exiting dungeons) but mostly during fights (my observation might be skewed because the game is made so that you spend most of your time battling) and not even specially during big animations, just regular actions too or even when nothing is happening at all…

I first thought it was due to my computer not being able to process the stuff happening but even setting to safe mode or the lowest graphic settings it still happens. And I have to say that my computer is quite powerful (it runs without much trouble games that are supposedly more demanding).

And after peeking at the error report I notice it mentions “Access Violation (0xc0000005)” so not a performance issue it seems to me.

The good side though is that it doesn’t appear to corrupt my save file. It takes me right back to just before the crash which means that I have walkthrough the dungeon once again to start the encouter again (losing all burst meter/buffs etc).

Note I re-installed the game twice, you never know…

Hope you can do something the game is worth it but crashs like that really break the immersion which is so bad for a game based on a comic.

@Brinith, could you post your log file here? That might give us insight as to what’s causing your crash.
Instructions on how to find it are here:

Here is the error log from the latest crash I had :
error.log (14.3 KB)
And here the ouput log :
output_log.txt (126.4 KB)

Hey @Brinith,

We’ve seen other people posting issues like this one elsewhere on the internet, such as this one:

We recommend you check your RAM to make sure it’s not failing, and keep an eye on your computer temperature to make sure it’s not overheating.