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Frequent annoying BUG

I’ve already posted this on steam disccusions so im copy/pasting it.
I’m having trouble after the last game update (and maybe after I installed the latest gpu driver, I’m running a gtx1060 on the rog laptop if you are wondering) it happens suddenly and now it happens very frequently, during a fight or even at the start menu or while exploring the world, the game goes in window mode (probably), the screen goes gray and I can hear only the sounds and I have to force closing the game from task manager or alt+f4.
I can add that I have g-sync on for both fullscreen and window mode and I use msi afterburner while gaming

Have you tried turning off MSI Afterburner?

I will try later these evening and I will post here if I encounter any troubles

Ok, I’ve got the time to test it wihout MSI afterbourner but the problem is still there, it happens almost everytime I run the game

Should I send you the log file via PM?

Yes please, thanks! We’ll take a look.