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Found a couple glitches/Exploits/Bugs

Possible bugs or exploits

It would help if you tell us why you think there are bugs or exploits there ^^

Its the ability to open crates/activate buttons through walls. Effectively allowing you to skip some puzzles in some respects or gain access to loot in which you wouldn’t normally have access too

This has come up a couple of times in the bugs section. However I don’t know if they are going to apply a general fix or still require all instances where the above can happen. If the latter, I would suggest a mega thread for this kind of bug

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Hi @Romire, thank you for the screenshots of this particular issue! We have been going back and addressing these situations where we can. It’s a tricky issue due to a combination of how certain wall colliders are setup, as well as the “use” distance of each object and event. While not ideal that this is happening, it might unfortunately be unavoidable at times.

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