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snoo snoo… this post had me rolling… welcome!


Hello everybody,

My name is Andrew and I have been gaming since the early 1980s. For reference my first games were played on the IBM 5150 personal computer with green monochrome screen. I remember liking ‘pcman’ which was a pacman clone where you could choose the number of ghosts.

I was fortunate to have a dad who worked in the computing industry at the time who would every year or so get a new computer from work to bring home. I have seen gaming grow from text adventures to what we have today but I believe gaming has lost its way so I was drawn to backing Kickstarter projects.

I was drawn to this Kickstarter project because I liked what I saw of the art. Most JRPGs have that anime style which turns me off and I was pleased to see a western style at last with good production values (not the rubbish pixel art variety). Also the gameplay promised variety and a non-linear experience.

Looking forward to a kick-ass game!



I’m here because of Joe, his art and the creativity he inspires from those who view it. I own a large quantity of everything he has ever produced and am always looking to add some original art!

Casual gamer mostly on Sony exclusively but recently bought an Xbox with my new 4k tv. Not much experience with JRPG so I am excited for sure. Sucks that we all aren’t already playing, but hopefully the Beta starts “soon”


Hey everyone!

There’s a lot of great people here and what looks to be an amazing community.

I’m a bit on the younger side, born in '92. I started gaming at a young age, started on my uncle’s SNES and Sega Genesis with games like Super Mario World, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Killer Instinct. My first official console was given to me, an N64. I played that thing like no tomorrow.

I found out about Joe Mad while I did a google search for some characters to role play as on a forum board and that’s when I saw War from Darksiders. At the time I didn’t know who he was or where he came from but I thought he looked cool. It wasn’t till a few months, a year that I did some digging that I found out about the Darksiders concept and then Joe Mad. And to my surprise, learned he was a comic book artist. I was always a fan of comics, especially Spider-Man, but never could go out and get them so my knowledge on them was very limited.

Since then, I’ve been on this wonderful journey and can’t wait for what’s in store. :grinning:


Hello everyone

Satoru here. I’ll probably be lurking here and on the Steam forums as well. I met the team at PAX East and the demo they had looked amazing. Definitively looking forward to the beta and release.

You should see me plying the one thing I’m semi-competent at, helping people with technical issues with games.

See you in the forums!


Hey all,

Im Sean, youll find me just about anywhere Mad stuff is…
Thats me

big Mad fan obviously…

Im currently putting together the largest Joe Madureira Comic collection ever (im close to done actually…) ill probably start a thread with that collection soon.

Got into Madureira stuff during X-men of course… pretty much my influence for my own art most of my teen life. (im 35 now XD)


hello, gamer since shareware around 93 - comic fan since i was a boy and had to beg my mother for another comic. mr mad is my favorite and making this in my favorite style of game has me feeling like that begging little kid again.


Ohai people!

So…I’m me…although you don’t really know who I am so I guess I’ll give you all a crash course in who I am…

I’ve been playing video games for…well…my entire life to be perfectly honest. I was born in the 80s, and my parents had bought us an NES at some point (I don’t even remember when we got it) and we had a bunch of games on it Mario/Duck Hunt, Mario Bros 2, Mario Bros 3, Barbie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (CURSE YOU WATER LEVEL!!!), and Captain Planet.

We then upgraded to an SNES with a SIGNIFICANTLY bigger library of games, I don’t even remember all of them…and we basically stuck with Nintendo systems.

I currently play on the Wii U, Xbox 360 (for only a few games), 3DS, and PC. HOPING to buy a Switch soon.

My favorite games…ooh thats a tough question…

I’d have to say…RIGHT NOW…my favorites are Xcom 2, Deadpool, Chroma Squad (because it pays homage to the great Kamen Rider heroes and Super Sentai heroes from Japan), the Darksiders franchise, Metroid franchise, Zelda Breath of the Wild…and Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

I’m fairly new to comics myself, but am very familiar with Manga like Bleach, Naruto, Seven Deadly Sins…and Guyver (Guyver is honestly one of my favorite anime/manga series and I really wish translation of it would continue)

I personally like to play a lot of single player stuff (had to shift to single player because while I do have 3 siblings, 2 older 1 younger, my sisters aren’t nearly as into video games as I am)

As for TV and such…I’ll give you guys 2 hints in the form of two youtube videos:

Hint Number 1 and here’s Hint Number 2

one last thing…HENSHIN!!!


California here! Joe Mad is the reason I first realized artists sometimes only drew the cover of a comic. I remember getting Uncanny X-Men with Juggernaut laid out on the cover and opening it up and thought why does the drawing on the cover look like it was drawn by someone else?! I wanted the whole inside to look like the cover it made me so upset lol! Been following his work ever since. I never could have imagined Battle Chasers becoming a video game so it’s almost unreal! I’m more of a comic book and toy nerd than I am a gamer but I have to have this game!


Hey, guys,

My name is Hendrik and I am a big video game fan, especially action, adventure and role-playing games. I especially like games with a direct combat system and generally play the highest level of difficulty right at the beginning. The feeling of victory is then all the sweeter and you are constantly evolving - even if times can be really hard cough.
One of my trademarks is that I play melees only. I hate ranges ^^’ I also love swordfighting, good food, fantasy novels and cinema.

Some of my favorite franchises/games are:

  • Darksiders
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Demon Souls, Dark Souls
  • The Witcher
  • Dragon Age
  • Final Fantasy
  • Tales of

I first came into contact with Joe Madureira’s work through the Darksiders franchise. When the first game was released in 2010, I knew right away that it could be something really cool - and I shouldn’t be disappointed. Since then, I have been a big fan of Mad’s work and I became very sensitive when I heard about Battle Chasers. Directly supported without much thought on kickstarter.

I had the opportunity to play it at Gamescom and well - I had the right nose again! :smiley:

I can’t wait to see the release of Battle Chasers!


Ah, another vanilla veteran nice :slight_smile:
I played an enhancement shaman - good old times


Hey folks,

Intro time is it? Well, I’ll steal a summary from my Twitter profile - Gamer, Gooner, listener, consumer, occasional writer. My niece says I’m a man child. Who am I to argue?

Roughly speaking I’ve been gaming since typing in programs from magazines into a ZX Spectrum. Wonder how many old farts (or is it ‘veterans’) like me are active here :thinking: :smiley:

Been a big comics fan for years too and love Joe Mad’s art style so when the Battle Chasers comic came along I was stoked, when it didn’t finish I was gutted, and when Nightwar was announced I almost had to change me underwear.

Really looking forward to it, roll on release day!


Hello everyone,
Battle Chasers; Nightwar is the first game I backed. I’m an old comic book fan (mostly Marvel’s) and gamer (Videopac, Atari ST, Gameboy, Megadrive, Dreamcast, PS2, 2DS and PC).
I’m also a software engineer (sometimes lead developper) so I wish I will be useful for the upcoming Beta and the french localization. I reported some bugs during the Alpha and I wish to help for the Beta.

I wonder if there will be a distinct forum to bug tracking or an another tool report bug…

See you!


Enhancement shaman with the old suicide spec was my very first toon before switching to Feral druid! Nested windfuries FTW.


That’s awesome Sean, we’ll have to compare collections. My collection is not complete but is a solid amount of all his work.


this gonna be GÜD! im in the process of finalizing (and picturizing) my mad collection… imma post a thread soon! see you there!


Dude! I friggin’ love Guyver! I, too, am bummed that translation of the manga abruptly ended so many years ago. Does Viz still own the rights to the manga? I feel like they must because, if not, SOMEONE would be publishing it right now. I guess we should be glad we’ve gotten as much of it as we have. :sob:

Oh boy I loved it! WF procc crits - priceless :sunglasses: Feral druid was cool, too, but in the end not my style. :thinking:

Well, but I quit between the middle and end of Cataclysm - it got kind of boring.
Right now I’ve been playing FFXIV since its release and that was one of the best decision I’ve ever made! :slight_smile:

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Hey everyone. I’ve been gaming for about 18 years and I must say it’s been a treat to witness the evolution from my NES console to my now favorite PS4. In no particular order,and these are 5 favorites that come to mind…there are many more haha.

Dark souls
Final Fantasy VII
Yoshi’s Island (SNES)
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
Alan Wake

I’m seriously waiting for Alan Wake to be a movie…fingers crossed. Anywho, I’m pumped for BC:Nightwar, I LOVED Darksiders 1 and 2, so obviously I can’t wait to see what you guys at syndicate have done with the RPG formula paired with the artistic stylings of Joe Mad.



I’m a life-long gamer who found out about the Battle Chasers comics from my cousin. I got hooked immediately.

I backed the Kickstarter immediately to get more comics and was pleasantly surprised that the game turned out to be awesome. Now I can’t wait for two things: more comics and playing this super cool game.