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For postgame/endgame, many of the events have an extremely low encounter rate

I feel that once you’re in the post/late-game parts of the game, things like filling up the bestiary/obtaining the legendary items is a huge grind that frankly isn’t worth the payoff. Things like fighting Belveros for the Dragon Scales, or clearing dungeons just so you can fight the Sky Pirates for the miniscule chance that Flintlock or Shanker will appear, is extremely tedious. I’ve fought 40~ Sky Pirate ships and have only seen Flintlock, I’m not sure if I want to try to fight another 40 ships to see Shanker.

For the legendary weapons, by the time I was able to obtain them, I was basically done with the game, and filling out the bestiary/fishiary is all I have left. NG+ doesn’t keep my items, so I basically don’t even get to make full use of the legendary weapons.

I know you guys have said that you’ll adjust the appearance rate of the Shade of Belveros, but maybe you guys could do that for the Sky Pirate Captains as well, because now it’s just a tedious grind.

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Oh dam you don’t keep gear on ng+? That’s sucks especially if it really is a grind to get the ultimate weapons and not really use them.

Yeah this is my problem as well, it’s like it’s not worth the time to find them and you need to go through the dungeons in order to have a miniscule chance of seeing them.

In the update it says it will increase the chance of sky pirates but I still haven’t found them yet.

I think it needs a certain number of pirates to defeat in order for them to be spotted not just based on RNG.

the pirates will spawn once (there are multiple that spawn in different areas) everytime you complete a dungeon and will stay dead until another dungeon is completed. The bosses have specific spawn requirements, which once met will spawn everyday until killed, and then never spawn again. If you are looking for specific ones you can message me and i can let you know where they are to make sure it isnt a bug

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Thanks for the patch, I saw Captain Shanker after 2 Dungeon tries after I’d posted.

I can’t even find a single airship anymore… I fought one REALLY early on but haven’t seen a single one since. I’m level 30 and on the final boss, just grinding my other characters at this point, walked all over the map several times after clearing dungeons and can’t find any at all.

I killed roughly 70~ airships pre-patch, but it took me only ~15 minutes to find Shanker and then the Captain after the patch, so I think it was a glitch or something that was fixed in the patch. Thank you regardless!