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Font / Text Size

Not sure if anyone else has said anything, but on the X Box One, the size of the text in the game menus/conversations is super small. If text could be made larger or, ideally, make text size adjustable, that would be great!

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Same here on PS4, I have to squint really hard unless I’m sitting right under my TV, especially to read the overcharge numbers. I made an account just to post about this here because I love this game otherwise and would love to be able to enjoy it comfortably.

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Same for PS4. The font is so tiny. I’d love a UI scaling option or just a bigger font

On PS4 as well. The font size is super tiny, looks like a garbled line and not text, and generally, the whole UI is small. For me, it is the most annoying part of the game, and it needs some serious attention from the devs. I wasn’t annoyed as much with the crashing every couple of hours or the long loading times or the general unbalanced stuff. It is the font size, destroyed my experience.

It looks like it was designed for a PC monitor where you sit right in front of it and not a console/TV in mind. Apart from the sore, itchy eyes after 40hrs, I skipped most of the lore and lots of chat boxes that were small and whatever text comes in the black pop up box with questions in them as they’re totally unreadable. In battles, I had to run on luck most of the time as I couldn’t really read the damages/effects of abilities unless it was a boss fight and had to sit right in front of the TV. That really degraded my game and story experience. Reading what items do in the UI and Crafting, etc… were either very very difficult or just skipped altogether.

Other than that, it is a great game, love the graphics, music, the dungeons and most of all the battle system.

(@airship please enlarge the font for consoles, and if possible other UI elements…thank you)

Agree that the text is too small! Need to be able to increase it. Would love to get this game for my mom, but can’t until this is fixed!

Same! It’s ridiculously small on PS4

Just bumping his to see if any fixes are in the works. The text in menu screens, in particular, are still way too small, but the font could stand to be adjusted across the board.