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Fishing: Radius for not being able to fish with enemies nearby

Anyone know if this is working as intended? It seems like you can’t fish in a dungeon if there is an enemy anywhere in the section of the dungeon that the fishing hole is located. Last night in the first real dungeon (iron something… can’t remember name) there were 2 fishing holes. I killed all the enemies I could see at the time, but was still not able to fish. Turns out there was an enemy upstairs near the entrance to the next zone of the dungeon that I had to kill before walking all the way back down to fish.

Is that really intended?

Hey there!

That is indeed by design. The entire “room” that contains the fishing hole needs to be cleared of enemies and some rooms are rather large. The same concept applies to the waypoints as well.


Fair enough. Makes for a fair bit of back tracking though.

Thanks for the reply.

Reminder that it’s just the room you’re in, not the entire dungeon. In case that was at all confusing. So if there’s any backtracking to find a stray baddie, it’s within that same room.