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Fishing Just needs to be more sporadic?

I finished just about every Fishing hole i could find. only upgraded the lure. kept the starter rode. And except for the first few times to just adjust to the mechanics, i did not feel that it was much of a challenge. But who knows, maybe the fishing was made to be like that? Something simple to ease ones mind?

But I Don’t think the system needs to change, or needs more buttons added. It seems the fish just need to change direction more often (like WAY more often), or maybe just add diagonals to their movement options. because right now they only go up or down and it is just not enough to instill a challenge of any kind.

First hole was just to get me aquianted with the mechanics, but after that i was expecting it to be like: “up up down down left right, A B!”

instead I got. Up… Up… Down? “oh wait no… no it was pulled in already no down needed.” next fish!
“Oh sushi! sweet! wait… where did my sushi go?”

Which brings me to my next point. Do the fish parts we loot do anything? Do they add to cooking recipes we can give to the Inn? or maybe some other town for cool food items? Or is it just for show?

@RailbladerX The earlier fishing holes will be doable with the starting fish gear (easier with better rods but still doable) As you progress, itll become impossible to pull in a high level fish (it will pull away faster than you can pull it in, even if you are pulling the exact right direction). If you find the fishmonger, youll be able to trade the fish parts to him for shadowcoin (you can see the ratio in the description of the fish chunks) The epic fish, youll notice wont turn into chunks and their descriptions will tell you what you can do with those (some are just worth a lot of shadowcoin to the fishmonger, collector may want some, some are just worth a lot of gold etc). On a side note, the item descriptions are often helpful for finding out what something is used for, like the treasure maps you may find :wink:

Ya no way you’ll pull in higher level fish with a lower rod. I have a lvl10 one and Dig fish are sometimes impossible to reel in. Love the epic fish (so far only seen Jug Jug and the mechanical eel worth 350ish gold).

My only beef with fishing is the severe unresponsiveness of the meter. It stops half a second or so after you press the button, but since it’s a constant lag, I got the timing right. Still weird.