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Fishing game unresponsive

I have no idea how I caused this bug so I’m not sure I can reproduce the bug. I think I may have hit the A-button absentmindedly (Shadow Coin farming~) but upon realizing I did that I quickly hit the B-button or tried to move the character away from the water which might have caused the unresponsiveness.
Somehow I can’t cancel throwing the line. Neither hitting Esc/B-button to cancel or E/A-button to throw out the line.

Yup… Just had the same thing happen to me in Deadwatch. I was done fishing, turn around and was headed out, pressed A/B in some weird combo and Gully started the throwing animation, but it can’t be canceled. I was able to enter the Fishing Menu and also the big menu with items etc ( Y on controller, I/B etc on keyboard ).
Had to terminate the process :frowning: