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First Time Backer, How Do I Get My Key?

Hi, forgive my ignorance, but this was the first and only project I’ve ever backed on Kickstarter. I figured I’d just wait until the official release as I didn’t want to try the game out until it was finished, so I never went through any process to get a beta key.

As far as I’m aware, this account isn’t directly linked to my kickstarter account, and I’m not sure if I even specified a format for the key I’d be getting, so I’m just wondering where I might need to submit that information. I just want to make sure I get my steam key when it’s released. I mean, I thought it might just be sent to my e-mail, but I’m not sure if I ever specified the platform.

You should have received email updates on the beta stuff. So I’d suggest check the email account you used for backing the project. If you didn’t get them contact support?

Hey AkaRai, as Bloodlust said, you should have an e-mail with a code you use on to give yourself all your KS rewards.

The e-mail would be from us, not from Kickstarter. When you find the code, there will also be instructions on where/how to redeem the key and get going.


Thanks so much for your answers, I’ve unlocked everything onto my account here. One final question though, does the beta become a normal copy on the third, or will I get another code then for the full release?

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