First PS4 Balance & Stability Patch is Live (V. 23114)

Hey everyone,

The first balance and stability patch for PlayStation 4 is now live. First and foremost, thanks for the patience while the team has been working furiously on this. We know the issues aren’t acceptable and we’ve been doing everything we can to solve them. This patch will help stabilize the PS4 version in general, and address some gameplay balance/quality of life issues.

To verify installation, look in the top right corner of the title screen. You should see V. 23114

Without further ado, this patch should:

  • Greatly reduce the crashes (we’re still working on killing them 100%)
  • Nearly eliminate any video weirdness (pink videos, or videos playing black)
  • Prevent save corruption (this was the #1 priority for obvious reasons)
  • Plus all of the same balance and quality of life fixes that are already live on Steam and GoG (most notable is the grinding curve getting flattened a bit during mid-game)

The full patch notes for the balance changes and myriad bug fixes can be found here:

Again, we want to thank everyone who hung with us through this process. More improvements are still to come!

In the mean time, if you do still experience a crash of some sort, please post the details here. Most useful info would be:

  • What you were doing just before
  • How long your play session was leading up to the issue
  • How often you’ve experienced the issue

Next up will be pushing these changes to Xbox One as we work to further solidify the PS4.

Thanks everyone!


Hell yeah good work guys

Sweet action! Thank you!

Finally! Thank you so much for all the hard work you put in. Will download the patch now :vulcan_salute:

Been waiting for this!!! Can’t wait to dive in. Ty for the communication and the patch.

@strangelove what version should we be looking for to make sure we have this on PS4?

Yeah ! Thanks for the patch ! For the moment, everything works perfectly. :ok_hand::smiley:

So I’m just gonna ask for a clarification.

You say that this patch should fix any corrupted saves issue. Well, does it or does it not? I’m not playing another 41 hours again to have the game fail on me when I have no option to have multiple saves.

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I played a couple hours with the patch on a PS4 Pro. I did not experience any crashes or purple-screen. Balance changes seem reasonable so far. Still haven’t found that #@$%er Belevros, but the Iron Outpost does seem somehow better, with more variety, so I wouldn’t be surprised to unearth him soon.

My only complaint is, both of the cinematics I saw after the patch played as black screens. No crash, no error, just black screen with dialogue, then back to game. That has never happened to me before.

Even so, good job!

Just in time for the weekend. That’s what I call great timing. It’s also astounding to me, how fast you got these issues fixed.
Thank you very much, for your hard work.

Gonna give it anot her go!

Awesome news for a Saturday morning. What a fantastic team you folks are!

I played with the new patch for a couple hours last night. I had two crashes. One was just while walking in the overworld. I also got a black screen when entering an exploration area. Had to restart.

Good job, guys! :slight_smile:
Keep up the good work and keep on fixing

Here I had one crash on the top part of the map about 5 hours of gameplay after the patch.

Ive been holding off on continuing because I want my first playthrough to be challenging, balanced and fairly bugfree. Is this a good patch to continue or should I wait for another balance patch?

Good question. I’ll try to be as candid as I can about the saves.

We did two things:

  1. Stopped saving during transitions. Previously, the game might still be saving during certain scene transitions, such as entering/exiting combat or when entering/leaving a dungeon. This was when most crashes occurred, and if you crash while saving… voilà. Busted save. So this alone likely stopped the save corruption issue.

  2. Save backups: As a redundancy, we also implemented a system under the hood that keeps a backup of save files. If something fluky does still happen, and the game detects a corrupted save file, it’ll revert the save slot to a safe backup. With change #1, it’s unlikely #2 will be needed. But we did it anyway.

So, yeah, the problem is fixed. You know how guarantees are though, it’s hard to make them. We implemented the fix, did our best to test them ourselves, and saw no issues with saves while the patch was in QA testing. But crazy stuff happens when thousands of people get their hands on something, which makes any experienced game dev wary of saying “It’s 100% Stone Cold Lead Pipe Locked!”.

So tl;dr - yeah, get back to playing!



Thanks for the clarification Ryan. I just wanted to make sure proper measures were taken to prevent it from happening again.

That saving in transitions was always a thing that had me worried as hell when I was playing as it is bound to get some data wrong some time when saving. That is definitely when all my crashes occurred. I don’t think I had one crash over the 40 hours I put in that wasn’t in one of those situations (and I had quite a few of them).

The redundancy seems like a good fix as well because once my save was corrupted, it seemed like any new game I made also had corrupt saves, resulting in some unique issues like the player characters not being visible on the world map when traveling, all six character icons on the save were of Garrison, characters not properly showing up in the menu, etc.

I know it is difficult to give any guarantees it’s just that I feel it’s a shame that such a brilliant game should be let down by these issues that in my mind shouldn’t even have existed in the first place on a release worthy version of the game.

Glad to hear some balance changes were made to the leveling system too, after 25 it was starting to get a bit slow to progress.



@AttnDefDis: Can you double check that when you’re at the main menu, you see “v. 23114” in the top right?

Just want to be certain you have the right patch. After the latest patch you shouldn’t be crashing as often as that.

If you do have the correct version, and if you don’t mind waiting and using the bandwidth, it might be worth deleting the game and re-downloading it just to make sure everything is right.