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Finished the game, my suggestions/feedback

I have finished my first playthrough of the game, and I really enjoyed my time with it. I have some suggestions, mostly to do with tedious mechanics that are currently holding me off from jumping immediately back into New Game +, as such I am putting forward some suggestions regarding those among others.

When you are re-running dungeons multiple times these can quickly become incredibly aggravating or annoying and I imagine it obviously holds true for New Game +.

  • Allow us to kill outleveled dungeon enemies before engaging them. On the world map we can avoid enemy encounters by being outleveled, but inside of dungeons enemies engage you no matter what. At minimum getting in and out of combat is still taking around 20 seconds or more just to kill low-leveled enemies in one hit due to all the animations and delays. They are also difficult to avoid in general since all enemies seem to by default run faster than the player.

  • Adding to this, getting in and exiting combat has a lot of seemingly pointless delays, there’s a delay before you can begin any actions, there’s also another delay before you can even exit out of combat. Ideally, getting in and out of combat should be quicker than it currently is.

  • In-engine dialogues/cutscenes inside of dungeons could do with being entirely skippable, or allow holding down E/action to skip through it faster than repeatedly pressing the button. For example a back and forth between characters, or dialogue with an enemy plus associated animations.

  • Already watched video cutscenes should auto-skip

Other misc suggestions

  • Inventory late-game, even with the various tabs can get extremely cluttered. Multiples of similar equipment pieces should stack to free up room. This also seems to gradually impact performance in regards to loading the inventory screens, and just browsing through the icons.

  • Buying an item until out of stock puts you back up to the top of the shop menu, which is kind of annoying. Also, I am disappointing there’s no support for using the mouse wheel to scroll item quantity.

  • There does not appear to be an indicator that tells you which difficulties you have completed each dungeon on.

  • There currently is not anything that tells you what the various dungeon map icons actually mean.

  • The bestiary is very cool, though it would be even better if we could have a full-screen view of the models, as well as a way to cycle through all of their animations.

  • Scrolling the inventory with the mousewheel is too slow

  • There’s not enough variety in items at the curio shop. More skins and other odds and ends would be nice. A Skeletal Lich Knolon, Lycelotte Garrison, Pirate Monika, Demon Alumon, Gargoyle Calibretto, for example would be very cool.


  • I still would occasionally fall through the floor in some places and was forced to restart the game fix it

  • The game although nice looking, I feel it still does not perform quite as well as it should and could do with better optimization/improvement in that regard, or allow more fine-tuned control of the graphics settings.

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