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Finished the beta, here's what I think

I have really enjoyed it so far loving the art and the tone of the game, so here my feedback from my experience so far.

We need a faster walk speed in dungeon or maybe add a sprint option once all the enemies have been removed form the room so that the game can keep the trickiness of maneuvering monster while allowing backtracking to be less annoying.

I see an issue with having only Gully being able to open secret area, it makes her too essential for exploration and limit group composition, there should be 2 or 3 character in the roster being able to do it. Calibretto canon blast dungeon skill could be able to break walls too, or have Garrison be able to dash into them.

Red Monika secondary dungeon skill is a bit lackluster, never have I felt the need to go out of my way to pickpocket an enemy, and since stealth mode is of a limited duration once that one is gone well pickpocket become fully useless. Have her throw bombs (wall breaking), initiate a combat with an ambush attack, have her disable traps, or be able to seduce enemies to momentarily pacify them and walk by them.

Also about Red still, many of her attack skills use the same spinning animation, some variety could be good here.

I play with a gamepad, and the vibration is very intense at moment and gets a bit annoying in the long run, throwing the fishing line and somes of Calibretto skills comes to mind about that.

regarding the limited use of dungeon skills, it is understandable that we don’t want them to be spamable, but I could see them have a refilling timer that would gradually give charges back, Calibretto heal could be on a long cooldown, and things like Red stealth mode or Garrison dash could come back quicker.

I think legendary difficulty should be scaled with the group level and drop fitting gear, right now at lvl 15 there is no point to revisiting Junktown or earlier dungeons, making only 1 out of the 4 available dungeon actually worthwhile to do.

Calibretto dialogue box is fine and fit the art style, I don’t get why some complain about that one.

Now, bug wise, haven’t encountered too many, I’ve noticed lootable barrel and crate in dungeon don’t always lose the little sparkle effect, making it looked like they still can been looted.

There was a crate clipped throught the machine next to the ladder in the sewer

The moss covered shard artifact thing in the little ruin just above Harm’s Way can be relooted after a dungeon or resting, seems like its the only chest that respawn like this in these tiny instances.

Theres a long stairway that bring to an open door that doesnt connect to another room at the bottom of the elevator before Junktown boss fight.