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Finished Beta, my feedback

I have completed the beta, and this is my feedback, opinions, and suggestions on various aspects. Overall, I really enjoyed my time with the game and am hoping the final release will be even better.

  • So far, my biggest takeaway is that overall treasure rewards whether it is from bosses or post dungeon completion feel a bit on the weak side. It is especially apparent when you fight the various hunt specific bosses and get rewards that are replaced in the very next dungeon despite the much higher difficulty of the individual encounters.

  • I know it’s been mentioned many times, but the dungone/explorable movement speed really needs a boost.

  • Taunt feels as though it degrades in usefulness at level 10+, as there are more enemies that seem to start favoring area attacks that hit everybody at once.

  • Not sure if intentional or just a symptom of low level and low itemization variety at the moment, but Garrison consistently ended up feeling somewhat weak as far as both damage output and survivability goes.

  • The bestiary and perks associated with it are very cool, though I think it would be even cooler if the bestiary let you enter a fullscreen view of the enemies and allowed you to play back all the enemy animations as well.

  • It would be nice if there was a toggle for marking items as not for sale, and another for automatically skipping cutscenes that have been watched at least once.

  • Despite the cost and level required for some of the collector’s special wares, the items themselves don’t seem to be too amazing outside the perk books, some seem weak even for the level you can equip them. The chest piece for Calibretto for example was out of date almost immediately.

  • I really liked the skins from the collector though. I hope there will be a lot more in the final game, and some that are really weird and out there, like a giant War Golem/impaler Calibretto, or Lycelot Garrison.

  • It would be very useful if world map POIs were labeled with ??? until you visit/enter them. Basically, I just need some way to indicate an already visited location, or if you have plundered/seen everything of value already from locations that aren’t respawning dungeons.

  • Experience earned from enemies that are the same level or higher seems insufficient at level 10+, should be maybe a tiny bit higher. It feels as though the exp gain increased linearly, while the exp required ballooned exponentially. Maybe change it so it isn’t split since currently there doesn’t seem to be any reason or viability to running less than 3 people.

  • May just be an early game symptom, but so far the evade stat seems to be very much, not worth trying to raise over focusing only on raw stamina and defense.

  • While fishing, the lure should only be returned to the player by manual action. It’s very annoying to cast it out, wait, and then have it auto return just as a fish is about to bite it.

  • There is an unnecessary pause when entering battle for several seconds, it would feel much better if you can immediately act as soon as the battle begins. Ditto for end of battle, it would be much better if you can exit, or advance to the results as soon as the last enemy dies.

  • I haven’t really had an opportunity to test out any characters besides the initial 3 you get, I was really disappointed that your benched party doesn’t appear to level up with you, or even gain any experience at all. Granted it makes some sense, but it’s not really a very fun thing to have to consider. It mostly discourages experimenting with group setups unless one entertains the thought of re-running low level content with the low level characters.

  • Burst attacks don’t pause the timer in the arena, should be changed unless it’s intended to discourage using them.

  • Not sure if it can’t be unlocked or needs something special, but I do hope an enchanting station will show up in Harm’s Way at some point.

  • At the present, graphics options are very limited and don’t do a good job of indicating what it actually does. Where are the world texture, character texture, model, anti-aliasing, filtering, and other options? Same with post process, the only thing I can tell with that option is it makes the bloom brighter.

  • Multiple aggressive enemies can currently lead to multiple enemies or waves entering battle, however I noticed in some cases it makes zero sense for it to happen. For example, I got the attention of enemies on multiple floors by accident, and engaged an enemy on the upper floor, and ended up with enemies from below as well. Felt kind of not intended as they were at least 2 - 3 floors down and have no way to physically reach the party.

  • This is subjective, but I feel that outleveled enemies in dungeons should require triggering like on the world map. It is kind of irritating going back for missed lore entries and having to fight everything when they die in 1 hit, it just wastes time going to the battle screen for 1 second and then going back.


My Garrison was my MVP. Interesting that your experience was so different. With crit perks and the level 2 burst he scores 6 critical hits on tough opponents (2 turns in a row!) and absolutely burns them down.

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