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Finished Beta. Feedback/impressions

First of all, this game is not what I expected. I don’t have high hopes for most Kickstarter games but I backed this one solely off of the power of Calibretto’s design. I was expecting a final product that was MAYBE 10 hours long and showed, very strongly, it’s non-traditional publishing roots, in a bad way. But… I LOVE this game. The art style is beautiful, the battles are fun, the sound effects give real weight to the actions (Calibretto Gut Punching the first monster gave me a visceral “Fuck, this is cool!” feeling), there’s depth, and a much higher than expected production value. This is everything I’ve wanted from an rpg recently and I’m sad I have to wait til October to finish it. I wish I could go back in time and pledge at a higher level because this game is worth more than the $27 I paid for it. It also is making me interested in going back and looking up the original comics. I want more! I will be recommending this game to everyone.

Now, I do have some quibbles. Some of these I hope are just “Beta” issues but they’re problems all the same.

  • Barrels stay sparkly even after looting them. That has to be a bug.
  • Many people have already mentioned the slow movement speed in dungeons. It’s an issue.
  • Can I seriously not blacksmith or enchant outside of dungeons? That’s just dumb.
  • The dungeon map needs a legend. The icons aren’t nearly self-explanatory enough to suffice without one.

And I think those are the main issues I have. So, I love this game, I can’t wait to finish it, and I hope some more polish will be tossed on before release or shortly after it. Thank you for making this!


I completely agree with everything said above. Love how good this game is. It’s actually amazing and would upgrade what i paid for the backing if I could (I paid $40).

Same thoughts as to the issue as well. Only things I have to add are:

  1. I stepped under an elevator in one of the dungeons when it was coming down, it then kind of pushed me through the floor and re-spawned me outside of that dungeon.
  2. There is a spelling mistake in the first dungeon you enter, it’s the one with the pedestal in it that filling the surrounding monsters with ‘rage’. I think it reads “The power radiating from this pedestal fills ‘YOUR’ with rage” When obviously it should be “Fills YOU with rage”

Other than that, amazing job.

I will also agree coz I was blown away by this game. I had high expectations, but the game easily surpassed them!

  • As for the blacksmithing, upgrading twice (so after the 5k one), you’ll be able to use the table at the shop.
    I’m assuming that the enchantress will offer similar services, but that’s outside the scope of the beta?
  • Dungeon map legend will be very helpful. I like not having ALL the info there and discovering some things (like attack power actually affects your heals), but I still have no idea why all the rooms have ! in them
  • A lot of cleaning up to be done with perk and enchanting stats: they will show a smaller number than the actual value (an example is Gully’s barrier hit perk (sorry forgot the exact names) says “increases the second portion of the skill by 19” when it’s actually increasing the shield by 25% of the dmg done
  • A bunch of typos where its were written as it’s
  • Weird interaction with over-time effects (heals and poisons/burns): they will tick twice on any non-instant skill used: i.e when Cali’s turn starts: he takes one tick of dmg -> he casts heal -> right before the heal goes off he takes another tick. This happens with heals also, and for enemies, so it’s balanced, just strange
  • Fishing: casting the line is SO unresponsive. I got used to the timing eventually but it’s just ugh
  • Controls are clearly geared towards controllers even when using keyboard/mouse. this isn’t a huge deal, but it’s just clunky a lot of the times (sometimes need to press Esc a couple times before it works, sometimes need to press E a bunch of times also, not sure what exactly causes this but it happens often)

One thing I’ll mention on its own, I really hope the Hunts remain very difficult like they are now. I love the spike in difficulty and think it’s a great idea. There’s nothing like getting your ass kicked by a boss, then upgrading your gear, getting your party buffed up (food/fountain) and coming back and beating them. Having said that, the ember of the fire lord makes flint totally obsolete afaik :wink:

I believe the number is an actual representation of the percentage. Rather than telling you what the percentage is they just tell you the number that works out to. I think.

I noticed this too! upon watching it I think I figured it out. You’ll pretty much only see this with Very fast or Fast skills. Essentially, they take the first tick on the turn they select the skill, then, because everyone else is slower than them, their follow-up casting turn happens immediately and you get the second tick of damage.

Agreed. I felt far more comfortable playing the game with a Steam controller than kb+m.

I believe the number is an actual representation of the percentage. Rather than telling you what the percentage is they just tell you the number that works out to. I think.

You are correct that is what’s happening good catch. The enchanting values are still a bit weird though.


@Voxil Is the beta the entire game playable from start-to-finish, or does it end at a certain point without reaching the actual end of the game?

AFAIK beta is about half of the full game

I agree with everything except the walking speed, but enough people said it’s too slow to my voice have any weight on the question :slight_smile:

It is definitely not the entire game. It stops you as you’re about to entire another area and declares the beta open. But that just prevents you from moving forwards in the story. You can still play all of the content available before that. So you can explore the dungeons, look for more hidden treasure, or try your hand at the arena. You’re also capped at level 15.

The stopping point is anywhere from half way through the game to 75% though I lean more towards the 50%. It’s not going to be as long as some modern AAA rpgs but it’s also operating on a fraction of the budget. I’m already anticipating expansions/DLC/sequels-in-engine to continue the story.

Yeah this i find stupid!

I want this feature to be done in a town or something, cause you know logic!

@AirshipAndy please change this!

You get to blacksmith when you buy the second upgrade of the smith