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Finished Beta feedback, good job

Soon I’ll be 40. I am buying lot of games on steam, but it’s rare for me to even play more than 1-2 hours with them.

But I played your beta every day since the “release”.
I played more than 30 hours, beccause I loved leveling/farming benched heroes, trying arena, etc.

This game is excellent.
I will play it on release. I just don’t know yet if I’ll start from beginning, or just continue.

I Liked a lot

Graphically gorgeous, music is good.
Fights are excellent with lot of different skills (and talents altering them). I love overcharge system !

As a roguelike fan, random dungeon layout is highly appreciated.
I really hope that in the final product, you’ll propose a complete HL random dungeon. Even if you need a simple layout to achieve this randomness (I understand that with nice handdrawn multi-layer map, it’s not easy to random too much. But with a simple 2 dimension “jungle” or “cave” or “prison”, I think you can achieve something).

The Dungeon “hazard” is great too. The fact that ennemies are buffed by special artefact that you can switch off, the fact that ennemies are harmed by fire or roof.
And game plays well on my old laptop.

With a good communication from your team till the release, I bet (and hope) you’ll have a huge success.
I just hope you won’t make it easier (beccause I saw some people asking for easier fights :disappointed_relieved: ) !

Things I really don’t like, and hope you’ll change

  1. Character is too slow on world map and on dungeon map.
  2. World map should be more “alive”. With discovered dungeons, player position, etc.
  3. In dungeon, Teleporters are not well placed. They are quite always useless.
  4. We should be allowed to equip/skill benched characters, without having first to change our team. It’s boring.
  5. Dungeon difficulty 4 (or even more) should be added. With higher level loot/ennemies.
  6. I saw a quick message about crafting when it’s not 100%. But this message disapperd so quickly that I still don’t know if I should try to do it under 100% or not.
  7. Games too easy at the beginning. Maybe a campaign difficulty setting ?
  8. “Dungeon Comp” should be reworked, beccause often you never use them, beccause 6 use is low (and you need some to get treasures). Maybe add an unlimited Comp, just to gain a small advantage (instead of just running in ennemies). I get why we have only 6 “heal comp” or 6 “stun comp”. But small damage/dot/initiative/defense should be higher, or with battle cd (1 use out of X battle).
  9. Add keyboard shortcut for fights. At least for most used comp (like a quickbar).
  10. Skills during fight: Should have definition on mouseover. Not on click.
  11. Fight log.
  12. Fishing is a little bit boring, imo. Maybe you should add some special events (fish a boss ? Hello Gahz’ranka… ), or special rewards.
  13. Enchantment, weapon proc % in particular, is too weak. % should be higher, or proc much higher.
  14. Collector special ware’s seems to be a bit low.
  15. Arena timer is unfair. It should stop during charged animation, and during wave changes.
  16. You didn’t annonce any DLC ! :grin:

I’m happy to be a Battle Chaser Nightwar backer. My best investment since Pillars of eternity.


At first i did not agree with the arena timer. But as my strategy and builds become more concrete i realized that the arenas are like Speed chess. You have to get the most optimal strats layed out, and quickly.

With all level 15 characters: Garrison, Calibretto, Monica

First try, on the second level Arena, i did not make it in time.
Second try, i beat it with a min to spare
8-10th try, i made it with 3-5 min to spare.

My only thing about Arenas, is that the Food items are super good. Eating the 240+ defense food before going in, gives you the buff for the whole arena.

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